Look Up Child

Look Up Child

This is my first successful run on a screenprint!

I am excited to share this with you since I’ve been working for about 3 or 4 months to get the printing process down. From getting the emulsion the right thickness and the exposure time correct, to the actual printing process it’s been fun but a big learning experience.

I did a test run before I did this final run, tweaked a few things but I knew it was time for a true run that I wanted to offer here. Once I made a number of prints, I chose only the 14 best prints, signed, numbered and embossed the prints with a chopmark to make them ready for sale. You can snag one of the few left here!

I began hand lettering the piece because I was inspired by Lauren Daigle’s song by the same name. My girls love the song and it’s in our regular rotation. But there are times, I find that we all need that reminder and since I am a visual artist I wanted something for them to see everyday. To remind them everyday.

I went through several iterations of lettering but had an idea of what I really wanted out of it. I brought my sketches into Illustrator and began work on digitizing and considering colors.

I knew I would want to print this so I got to work on creating screens and printing. (It actually took me 3 different emulsified screens to get it right). Then I printed my first test print and wasn’t truly happy with the color or how some of the paint was pulling off part of the screen.

So, I went back and recreated the screen again and I knew this screen was going to work. It took a few tries to get the color right but my girls and I are in love with the lavender sky color.

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