What is Art to You?

What is Art to You?

This week I was talking to a lovely woman who was going through so much in the past couple of weeks. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer, her son was in the hospital with wounds inflicted by his own dog, and her pipes exploded in the walls of her home. She was so humble about it all though, finding herself grateful that she was better off than many other people.

She then said it was amazing but several years ago she bought a painting that she loved. She couldn’t quite put her finger on why she loved it but she new she wanted it for her home. And now through these tough couple of weeks, she wakes up in the morning remembering the tough things she will be facing but when she gazes on the painting it gives her peace. It reminds her that she need not be in control and releases her from the anxiety she’s feeling.

Friends, I don’t believe she is alone. I truly believe art has a purpose. To make us feel. For each person it is different but when we find that piece of work that speaks to our heart strings we know. And that art can do so much for us as we gaze on it daily. Even without us realizing it.

I’ve talked about it before but there is a cross stitched verse that my grandmother had hanging in her home that my mom made. When my grandmother died my mom asked if I would like it, and of course I jumped to take it. Because I realized that one thing I saw hanging in her home every time I was there always lifted my spirits. Even when I was only 10. So many times I gazed at it that it became a part of my own mind. It reminds me now that it is in my home, to take joy in every day only because it is a new day given to me as a gift.

This past summer I purchased an art print only for the reason because when I saw, it made me feel what I want to feel like every morning. It anchors me every morning.

The thing is, art does this but not without our cooperation. We have to be open to allowing art to move us. With a bit of expectancy, we can ask the art to help us feel. But if we remain aloof and want to remain apart from those feelings, it is more difficult for art to do it’s job.

So I am asking you, do you allow art to speak to your heart? Is it more than just a pretty thing to put on your walls? And how can art fulfill it’s purpose for you? What anchors you to the reminders you need daily?