The Sound of One Collection

The Sound of One

The sound of one collection began as a reminiscence on live music and it’s reemergence. It is a nod to the pandemic era where we were singular in playing our instruments and the solo music that began in our hearts there. Each piece is a solo musician.

in this collection...

Strummed Bass

In the Key of Jazz

Heart Strings

Night Jazz

Picked Guitar

Banjo Roll

About Me

I am an artist and illustrator that holds a special place in her heart for paper, art, coffee, and running. Yes, I actually like to run. I was on the state championship cross country team in high school and ran for Wake Forest University. I still run, though not competitively. I do it for the love. Just like I create for the love of art. And of course those things drive my love for coffee. Lots of coffee.

Studio Shop

In addition to original pieces of art, I also have hand printed screen prints and stationery in the shop. Did you know I’m a paper lover. Sketchbooks, journals, calendars, I love it all. Oh, and speaking of sketchbooks, there are some sketchbook art prints in there too.