The Holiday Collection

It’s here! And I think it’s time!

No, I am not ready for Christmas, not even close but it seems like it’s coming up quick, especially when I see stores displaying their Christmas items and taking their Halloween items down already. I find it a little stressful, but then I take a breath and say it’s ok – we still have more than 2 months left. But then those 2 months I know will go by so quick.

This is not to stress you out but to help you get a little ahead. And if you are one of those that has already bought your Christmas presents, you are probably wondering why I didn’t do this in July.

But it’s here! The Holiday Collection! I worked on pulling some of my favorite holiday artwork and created cards, coasters, and wrapping paper for you! These will be available only until December 10th. After that I’ll retire these and get started on new artwork for next year!

There, I’m a little more motivated to get started (maybe . . . ). Anyways go ahead and take a peek at the collection (no commitment to holiday time yet).