The Awakening Collection

Coming soon is the my newest original art collection, entitled Awakening.
On my walks through the starkness of winter, especially into February, the landscape looked rusted over and grey. There wasn’t much to catch the eye and I felt inspiration was low. But towards the end of the month, I began to see signs of hope and encouragement with the blooming of the camellias and a few brave lenten roses letting their blooms show. Slowly through March, I saw other blooms appear through bits of the grey and cold. They were especially beautiful against that harsh landscape. These brave little blooms are the inspiration behind this new collection.

The Awakening Collection

"Each day expect one miracle, one instance of elegance or beauty from the world - it's your right."

Emerging Hope

When winter becomes barren with colors of rust and grey and it seems it will never warm up. Every day seems the same drudgery as we trod forward. But around that time where we truly tire of those unending grey days, we are met with a surprise, a gesture of hope that things will not remain cold, grey and dreary. The promise is found in the brave flowers that present themselves despite the cold when no other flowers or even leaves on trees want to emerge.

We see the trees still barren and the ground has no new growth but suddenly I spy a white explosion of peace and hope in the Lenten Rose. A towering beauty of pinks and whites in the Camellia, and the cheerful Daffodil that wants to encourage and those brave trees like the Redbud and Dogwood that ignore how the other trees don’t care to show themselves in the wind and cold.

These brave creations are all here to exclaim Awaken! Something new is about to happen!

We often live through winter moments in our lives where we wait and wait for the first sign of hope or change. It is these early spring flowers that inspire me and remind me that there is hope always and I look forward to change for the better, a new awakening.

At times I know those winter seasons in our lives can seem never ending but there is hope.
My work in your home will remind you of that hope and renewal.


awaken a beautiful hope in your home