The Process


Expectancy: The Screenprint Process

With the release of my newest Expectancy print, I wanted to share with you a behind the scenes the process I used to screen print it. Before I get to…

Finding Color Inspiration

On Instagram I’ve posted some new art and I thought I’d share the inspiration behind the color. Usually I find color inspiration from flowers and nature and occasionally from Pinterest…

Celestial Galaxies

I’ve already offered up a free desktop wallpaper and talked about the postcards and note cards I have available in my shop but I wanted to formally introduce you to…

Look Up Child

This is my first successful run on a screenprint! I am excited to share this with you since I’ve been working for about 3 or 4 months to get the…

A Peek into the Process: Be Still

Last week on Instagram, I shared a new piece of lettering and illustration I created that week. I wanted to share my process here with it’s creation because it’s a…