The Process


Your Questions, Answered

Faq In other words, those questions I always get whether they are in person or online when someone purchases my work. I have another post prepared for all those other…
Spring Flowers-35

Awakening: The Art Process

Some people don’t want to see how art is made. They want to believe and preserve the magic, and I love that. But there are others that want to know…
Let Go Screen Print-3

Let Go

Letting go – I’ve found it to be life giving, mood lifting, and what creates room for all the things I want to matter. I’ve learned to let go of…

Cultivate Project Process

This week was a hard week for me because I felt like I wasn’t thriving. It was utterly disappointing compared to the week before. It left me frustrated and a…

Inspiration: Artists and Styles

A quick look at the artists I derive inspiration from. Vermeer William Morris toulouse latrec lyonel feininger cassandre Previous Next Johannes Vermeer I’ve held on to Vermeer as an influence…

Expectancy: The Screenprint Process

With the release of my newest Expectancy print, I wanted to share with you a behind the scenes the process I used to screen print it. Before I get to…