Latest Art

Latest Art


Cultivate Project Process

This week was a hard week for me because I felt like I wasn’t thriving. It was utterly disappointing compared to the week before. It left me frustrated and a…

Illustration: Lace Up Those Shoes

Working for yourself and artistry often bring many challenges. Some I expect and others surprise me. Right now I am struggling with something that never plagued me so much before.…


Last summer I was out in my yard picking through weeds and deadheading flowers, basic clean up that no one loves to do except probably me. It’s a brain break…

Back on Track Art Print

I am a big believer in the power of focus. What we keep our eyes on, is where we go. And after creating my focus series, I decided to offer…

Christmas Illustrations

An exploration of prompts for Christmas illustrations. [wd_hustle id=”4″ type=”social_sharing”/]

Trees of the Forest

I’ve recently finished up a new piece of art and I am ready to share it with you as a Christmas greeting card! It’s entitled Trees of the Forest and…