The Work of Artist Mary Kathleen Scott

Cloudy Day
Winter Night

Collection 1


Winter is a time of dried flowers and plants. Colors are muted and grey with cold winds that blow in clouds of snow and streaks of bright sun rays shine through. In a surprising effort, camellias show their blooms and nandina become a colorful backdrop to the crisp icy air. spices and citrus become the flavors that bring a bold brightness to the season, giving energy and warmth when the weather will not.


Collection 2

Celestial galaxies

This collection was inspired by my daughters and their interest in space, galaxies, the sun, stars and planets. I’m inspired by their big thoughts and wonderment at things we can’t feel and touch. I want them to be able to continue to shoot for the stars and think those big thoughts and have goals as big as the universe. I want them there is beauty in chaos and there is order even when it seems like giant galaxies are spiraling away from any order.

Expectancy journals-6

Lettering Work

Lettering is a specialty I am passionate about. I believe words carry a lot of power and look beautiful when handcrafted in an illustration. You will find I have many examples of lettering and I always look forwards to creating more.


Illustration Work

While I love pattern creation, much of my work is done through stand alone illustrations.

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2020 studio portraits2-1

Mary Kathleen Scott

A little about me -

I am an artist and illustrator that holds a special place in her heart for paper, art, coffee, and running. Yes, I actually like to run. I was on the state championship cross country team in high school and ran for Wake Forest University. I still run, though not competitively. I do it for the love. Just like I draw for the love of art and God’s message. And of course those things drive my love for coffee. Lots of coffee.