Pizza Recipe

My favorite pizza crust recipe illustrated.

Pizza Recipe

I love cooking. It used to be where I would relax, get any frustrations out, and generally find myself in a happier mood. But I also don’t like being in a kitchen cooking and for that matter cleaning all day. I also definitely am not a fan of having to source out many ingredients for a meal, especially hard to find ingredients. Maybe it’s because I find I only want to be doing my art instead of cooking these days but I am cherishing the recipes that are simple, quick but still really yummy. I also do still treasure real food, processed foods kept to a minimum.

So, every Friday night we park it on the couch and watch movies and of course what goes better with that than pizza? But I found as my girls were getting older our pizza bill was getting a little bit ridiculous. So, in an effort to save money I began looking for an easy pizza crust to make at home. (I do really try to stay away from processed foods – a habit instilled by my mom). I found the easiest pizza crust, so easy I don’t think you can mess it up. And the best part is it is so much cheaper than ordering and we started making our own individual pizzas from the dough so we can put our own toppings on. I did buy a pizza pan but when I first started making my own crust, we just used a regular oven pan.

Anyways, I thought I’d share it because it truly is that easy. And I really wanted to illustrate it too.