Look Up Child Bookmarks

Look Up Child Bookmarks

I am celebrating the kickoff for a pre-order of my newest screen print: Look Up Child! As a celebration I am giving you 4 free printable bookmarks to commemorate the limited edition prints! To get them, just enter your email below!

I love quotes. I love words. I love inspirational messages that remind me of the truths I need to hear. But all the post-its, journal writing, notebooks, and pieces of stationery with these things  always get lost orstuffed away and when I need them most, they’ve been forgotten. Sound familiar? Please tell me I’m not the only one because that would be embarrasing.

Born from this problem, I decided to offer screen printed art that speaks truth, is unique, and beautiful. I am about to release a new print and wanted to celebrate it with these bookmarks!

Look Up Child is a reminder I need almost everyday and as we entered quarantine, I discovered I wasn’t the only one. As I talked to many friends and family members over zoom, I saw we all needed encouragement. Lauren Daigle’s song with this title is that encouragement I wanted to provide in a beautiful art print. And I wanted something my daughters could see everyday that they also loved. I was encouraged when I emailed my readers who responded with a lot of love for the print. I think we all need that quick glance at something that gives us encouragement daily. So, let’s start with this: the bookmark!

And hang on, I’ll be announcing the pre-order for the limited edition prints soon! (But only to my email list :))

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