Inspired Letters

Inspired Letters

the letter A with Azaleas


We have some large azalea bushes and I just transplanted some cuttings that grew large to our front yard. They are going to be gorgeous - judging by the number of buds.


Bowl of Biscuits

Because buttermilk biscuits are delicious with just about everything. And I'm almost embarrassed to say I still make mine from scratch because nothing beats it. Two things though: 1) like any other skill the more you make it the faster you get and 2) my batches are big enough to throw the extras in the freezer and bake later straight out of the freezer. Oh and I might also have an amazing drop biscuit recipe for when I have no time for rolling and making a mess.


Mine are at the end of their bloom cycle but at the end of January I had a number of bushes in bloom (I love whoever planted all these camellias in my yard decades ago).

the letter D and dragonflies


Dragonflies - during the summers at the beach we see so many of them hovering over the mangroves.


I grew up in Banner Elk NC, so named for the elk that used to roam about there. So this is in honor of the elk that used to roam the blue ridge mountains.I struggled with whether to keep the elk sketchy or illustrate him. I created many renditions. In the end, I love him as a sketchy drawing. . .

the letter F with a fraser fir

Fraser Fir

I come from a place where almost every hillside is covered with Fraser Firs.


Hot Rollers

Hot rollers! Yeah, these haven't been in my hair in a minute but they really do work.

Ice Cream

Ice cream! At first I wanted to do peach ice cream because that is what we always made growing up but it turned into pralines and cream. I think because we always made peach ice cream with my grandmama and grandaddy but I always remember my grandmama ordering pralines and cream at the shop.


Summertime my mom and grandmama would make jar upon jar of blueberry jam from our blueberry farm.

Krispy Kreme

Because hot and now doughnuts from Krispy Kreme are irresistible! An institution I grew up with.

Lightning Bugs

Lightning Bugs make me happy. How can they not.


M is for mountains and inspired by the blue ridge mountains where I grew up.


Nandina are all over my backyard forming a border mostly along one side and their bright red berries brighten up the winter back there. I love their thin leaves though and how layered they are but my favorite part are the tiny white flowers, so delicate and pretty on such a hearty plant that can grow even among the largest tree roots.


We have a favorite summer dinner of okra, tomatoes, corn and sausage. It's almost that season!


I grew up cracking brown paper bags full of them on my grandparents back porch. Pecan pie is probably hands down my favorite and now we have a pecan tree in our yard. I love them.

Queen City

Our home for a little while and now we aren't too far away. .


Always a part of sunday dinners at my grandparents when I was a kid and always in the atmosphere here in NC.

Sweet Tea

An indulgence of mine. It was always my drink of choice after a workout too. I'm still working on the alphabet slowly.


Not sure why except it was the only t word I could think of even remotely close to home - they're in the streams around here. .

Upper Creek Falls

Upper creek falls - a little swimming hole near where I grew up. It has the best little waterfall that gradually descends down rocks creating a natural slide that ends up in a pool worthy of swimming in. That is if you can stand the chilly waters 😉


Valleys - or I could've gone Valle Crucis but I stuck with valleys. Kind of the feeling this week.


Whiskey - my w and I'm on the homestretch for the alphabet.

X Marks the Spot

I might be stretching this a little but x Mark's the spot for pirate treasure 😉 - and the pirate museum is a favorite of the girls when we are at the beach. The history is so fun.


Because I might say it a bit much.

Zzzz . . . .

Finally putting these letters to bed! It was a fun little series that I did on the side - sketching at night while watching tv and working in the morning on digitizing them. On to something new!