Illustration: Lace Up Those Shoes

Illustration: Lace Up Those Shoes

Working for yourself and artistry often bring many challenges. Some I expect and others surprise me. Right now I am struggling with something that never plagued me so much before. That is Discipline. Maybe its summer, maybe its the less than rigorous schedule, maybe its fear, maybe its something entirely different. I’ve been struggling to sit down and do the work. To create and do the business side of things. For me it’s strange not feeling like doing the creating and it has me anxious.

Discipline is a virtue I’ve developed (or rather others have developed in me) and I’m grateful for the ability to create a discipline.

So I remembered the advice I used to give the athletes I coached – when you don’t feel like working out or going for a run. When you find the discipline of running everyday difficult, then start small. Put on your clothes and at the very least, lace up those shoes.

Just that act will get your momentum moving forward.

Its simple but it works.

The thing is discipline is hard. But breaking it down into a small habit makes it so much easier.

Then the next step is easier, and as you take those incremental steps you suddenly find yourself running. And after creating this discipline, these things become easier because they become habit.

So these summer days I’m trying to remind myself to lace up the shoes or rather pull out the sketchbook and make a mark.