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How many times have you jotted down an inspirational quote, an encouragement, a truth you didn’t want to forget.

But then you forgot.

It got shoved in with post-Its for work, school notes and other papers. Or if you’re more organized it went into a journal. But how often do you open that journal to remind yourself of those things.

For me those things got lost.

It hurts my heart when we run through our lives overwhelmed, stressed and anxious without an anchor to pull us back to what is true everyday.

So, through art, I work to create reminders that make you smile, lift your heart, and inspire you.

Original Art | Art Prints | Stationery

Mary Kathleen Scott


I’m an artist and illustrator. I draw and create for the love of the process and it’s how I best communicate ideas. Because words can be hard to find.  I’m also an illustration & lettering artist and you can see my work over at Mary Kathleen Illustration.

discovering spirit in art

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Original Art | Art Prints | Stationery
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Don't Miss These Collections

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Sound of One

Original Art


White Charcoal on Black Paper

Sketchbook Art

Art Prints


Printed on Archival Paper


Original Art

Hellebores Awaken Floral Art

White Charcoal on Black Paper


Cards | Stationery


Set of 10 Cards in 4″x6″ or 5″x7″