Free Digital Wallpaper

Free Digital Wallpaper

To celebrate the completion of my latest pattern collection I am offering you a free digital wallpaper to download for computer, tablet or phone!

There are two themes:

Glowing Night

Glittering Day

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Have you ever used a star app on your phone? If you haven’t, try one out – they’re kind of awesome and mesmerizing. And this collection was inspired by my girls’ love for looking at the stars and reading about the galaxies and solar system. I created first the girl I included in the wallpaper, imagining her to be in my daughters’ imagination as they looked at the stars. I was inspired but their big thoughts as they looked through the app and their wonder at the bodies in the sky. I want them to be able to shoot for those stars and think those big thoughts. I want them to know there is beauty in chaos and there is order even when it seems like giant galaxies are spiraling away from that order. I want them to have goals as big as the universe and it’s my hope this collection reminds them and any other girl who feels inspired to do so.

I can’t wait to share next week the complete collection with both colorways, a lookbook, and my process in developing the collection!

Until then, there are two wallpapers to choose from and each one comes in either a desktop/laptop, phone, or tablet wallpaper. Enter your email below to get access to them (and lots of other great things I have in my print library!

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