Finding Color Inspiration

On Instagram I’ve posted some new art and I thought I’d share the inspiration behind the color.

Usually I find color inspiration from flowers and nature and occasionally from Pinterest (I have a whole board dedicated to colors I’m loving). But as I started sketching and inking art this winter, I
started to find inspiration in the outdoors again, but this time in the town I live and not necessarily through nature.




I pulled the golds and browns along with the lighter green from a local church and the reds, darker blues and greens from outside a local shop. Finally a dried hydrangea in front of my house was most of the inspiration for the browns and creamier tones.

I love pulling my own colors from around me because it makes me feel more connected to not only the pieces I create from those colors but also to where I pull the colors from. So I kind of like to think a bit of my town is infused into these latest works.

You can see the colors in action in the tree illustration below.