Last summer I was out in my yard picking through weeds and deadheading flowers, basic clean up that no one loves to do except probably me. It’s a brain break that allows me to be outside. I love puttering around in my yard. My neighbor thinks I’m crazy because I’m constantly pulling up plants and moving them to a different spot.

So it surprised me when I noticed a new weed. One that did not look like the usual weeds I encounter. I had a sneaking suspicion that this new weed was actually not a weed. It’s leaves were too glossy and pretty and it had a few buds on it. I also know my squirrels love leaving bulbs and seeds in unusual places so I decided to leave the plant alone to see what it might be. I chose to be expectant.

I hoped it was a flower while also wondering what it might be. This is a small example of expectancy, but that same feeling can be applied anywhere in life. Even if it’s just to welcoming a new day.

Expectancy is a sort of holding place for good things. When our minds are trained to be expectant we welcome more with more yesses and we move forward with more confidence. We begin to notice the good and are drawn to them. This is the beginnings of abundance.

I need to explain that being expectant is not expecting because there is a certain release of control that accompanies expectancy. I can’t control what that plant was – it was what it was. If I ripped it out of the ground, I was expecting it to be a weed. However if I waited to discover what it might be, this is expectancy.

Expecting is hard lined and absolute and often brings disappointment. However, expectancy is an unfolding of the unknown with an added dose of hope. To be expectant, it’s critical that we move forward with a certain unknowing. A bit of blindness often brings surprises that result in joy and often add to your life in some way.

I’ve found walking forward with expectancy helps eliminate fears and provides momentum for the movement forward. I began screen printing my art with this expectancy. Unsure of where it might take me (and I’m still wondering and hoping) but pressing forward through the failures, the money invested, the what-ifs, and the moments of frustration. It is actually much more meaningful to go through this process than to have a finished product (though that is exciting too).

Because expectancy has been a mindset I’ve had to create and have come to truly appreciate, I wanted to honor it through the inspiration for this new art print. I created a new limited number screenprint (only 20 available) that I’ll release to only my collectors this weekend in an email. Its inspired by this mindset of expectancy. In addition, they have access to a free digital wallpaper.

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I can’t wait to invite you to share in the release and welcome you as one of my newest friends and collectors with this free download!

Oh! And that plant that might’ve turned out to be a weed was actually phlox – a beautiful lavender purple phlox. I dug it up and moved it to a different spot (probably to the squirrels’ dismay).