Discover the Print & Paperie Library

Discover the Print & Paperie Library

I am so excited to announce today the opening of the Print & Paperie Library! And you can get access today!

I was piling up free downloads that I’ve offered my email readers but I wanted a central place to put them, where they always have access to download anything I’ve offered before. Just another thank you to them for joining me on my journey.

And you can access them too just by joining in with your email. I’d love to have you here and follow me as I create more illustrations, lettering projects, and art prints. Right now in the library there is access to bookmarks, desktop and phone wallpapers, and a calendar.

Join the Print Library for these cards, digital wallpapers, calendars and more!

I’d love to have you join me on my journey. You’ll get a weekly email from me with first access to originals and behind the scenes work. And I promise, I won’t spam your inbox with so many emails you’ll wonder if I’m constantly sitting there hitting the send button. And I won’t give or sell your info away.

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