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Are there days you feel bogged down, like you are always fulfilling the needs of others, but wonder when it’s your turn? Or how about you just forgot it was your turn. Or maybe there are so many balls in the air, if just one drops that’ll be the end? You are walking on eggshells waiting for either a bomb to drop or just hoping a winning lottery ticket would show up in the mail. (Hint – neither of these is going to happen but you still feel it looming).

Self Care Is A Need

There is something you can do. Begin to take care of yourself. 

I began the cultivate project as a way to practice changing my mindsets and realized quickly this could be for anyone who feels often like I do – like one of those balls is about to drop.

The cultivate project is an exploration of mindsets that we can engage in to further our own self care. It is what we can do to grow and to cultivate the good in our lives without feeling like we left something out, to live in rhythm with the many pulls and pushes we get in life.

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The Cultivate Project

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I look forward to cultivating release with you!

You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world

- Lucille Ball

Explore Bundle | $55

Art Print

An 11×14 art print on archival quality cotton paper. Add on a magnetic poster frame for $12

Spiral Sketchbook

7″x9″ Spiral Wire-O Notebook with water resistant soft cover.

Medium Layflat Sketchbook

7″x9″ layflat sketchbook with water resistant soft cover and heavy 100gsm paper

Pocket Notebook

3.5″x5.5″ Pocket Size, Saddle Stitched Journal with water Resistant Soft Cover.

The Cultivate Project

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The Cultivate Project


Read or listen to more about this month’s artwork including ideas, stories and resources.

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Once a month you’ll receive an emaill from me with the cultivate practice of the month, a description, books and resources, and a free printable calendar for that month with the word illustrated.

Also included will be an invitation to receive a lovely box of art surrounding the cultivation practice of that month. Each Bundle Box  has a calendar in 5×7 format, an art print illustration of the cultivation practice hand signed by me, a journal, and a surprise sent with lots of love from me.

You only need to sign up with your email so I can let you know it’s that time for the cultivate project! December we will cultivate the practice of Stillness.

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Individual Items

Classic or Medium Size Journal

Lined Journal

Spiral Sketchbook

Lined Journal

Art Print

3 Sizes

Pocket Journal

Lined Journal

Magnetic Poster Frame


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Read or listen to more about the collection’s artwork including ideas, stories and resources.

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A Series

The cultivate project is an Art series where you join for free by email once. Then Every month i will invite you to purchase a box of art and goodness based on that month’s theme. if you decide not to purchase that month, it’s ok! you’ll still receive an email with my thoughts, resources, and a downloadable calendar.

Limited Time

Each month the products will be available only for a short time of about 10 days.



Each month, I offer a 5×7 calendar on heavy Cardstock, an art print of the art for that month on Archival art paper, a pocket notebook and journal with the art of that month, and a letter from me on what we are focusing on cultivating.

Automatically, you’ll receive a free printable calendar each month for you to download.

An Exploration

This isn’t a how to but an exploration into the processes that I’ve used to renew my mind, become more gracious and live more joyfully. We look at the different ideas and explore how to integrate them into our lives. Some months the practice may not speak to you but others may resonate deeply and begin to stir change within your life.

The Cultivate Project

join the Cultivate Collectors!

You’ll receive a monthly email with your free calendar, resources and ideas.

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The project


Born from a desire to foster self care into my own life. I created a series of art that focuses on a different area of self care every month.

When you join the wait list you will automatically get the monthly email with thoughts, recommended books, and readings on the topic as well as a free download of the calendar for that month. You’ll also receive an invitation to purchase artwork that will only be offered to those in the Cultivate Project.

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The Cultivate Project

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