Hand Printed Art

Let Go

Let Go

Hand Printed art

Letting go – I’ve found it to be life giving, mood lifting, and what creates room for all the things I want to matter.

I’ve learned to let go of feeling offended, past hurts, thoughts that keep me stuck, opportunities that don’t fit with my present, and activities that I don’t prioritize as important.

But it’s a self care cultivation that I am constantly working with. something that doesn’t come naturally but I have to work at. And i suspect most people do. So I created this art piece as a reminder.

It is about release and most of all forgiveness. And wrapping those is love in every direction. If there’s anything you can do if something is weighing you down, let go. Its hard to do because it often means letting go of pride and appearance but its so worth it. I promise. And in its place you’ll find joy and love. Much more preferable.

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Let Go Screen Print-1

Art Print

Galaxy Girl | 2 Illustration Styles

Student Planner

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Lined and Blank

This is an Ongoing process

One that takes thought, patience, and hard decisions. So I was inspired to create a piece of art that was a beautiful reminder of this process.

12 1/2" x 12 1/2" | Gold Paint on Heavy, Nightshift Blue, Archival Cardstock | Numbered and Signed

Hand Printed Art

Let Go


Limited Edition – Only 25 Available

1 Color Layer – Gold Paint on Heavy 140lb Archival, Cardstock Paper

12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″

Illustrated, Hand Printed, and Signed by Mary Kathleen Scott, Artist|Printmaker

Numbered for Printer’s Authenticity

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