Celestial Galaxy Collection

I am finally ready to say the full Celestial Galaxies collection is available!

I invite you to take a look at the products, but the one I was working more on all year was the Student Planner. I created it at the beginning of the school year last year after realizing my girls needed something to keep them organized. And throughout the year we tweaked it, made it better, included things that were important to them and as a result have a full Student Academic Planner available for you!


There is a full 8 1/2″x11″ and a 5.5″x8 1/2″ version available with goal worksheets, yearly, monthly, and weekly calendars, and assignment trackers.


And because we are big fans of the disc bound system where you can move around pages as needed, I also created a downloadable planner.

Also included in the collection are 2 different illustrated giclee art prints on museum quality paper in your choice of size.

I also decided to include notebooks, journals, and sketchbooks with this collection.

Finally, there are notecards and postcards available.


if you haven’t grabbed your encouragement cards or digital wallpaper, you can always get those in the print library as well! Sign up with your email below!

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