Celestial Galaxies

Celestial Galaxies

I’ve already offered up a free desktop wallpaper and talked about the postcards and note cards I have available in my shop but I wanted to formally introduce you to my full collection Celestial Galaxies!

I am celebrating this collection most of all because it is my first full collection that I absolutely love!

Below is a peek at the lookbook I created for the collection. You can find the full lookbook here.

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This collection was inspired by my girls’ love for looking at the stars and reading about the galaxies and solar system.

I was inspired but their big thoughts as they looked through the app and their wonder at the bodies in the sky. I want them to be able to shoot for those stars and think those big thoughts. I want them to know there is beauty in chaos and there is order even when it seems like giant galaxies are spiraling away from that order. I want them to have goals as big as the universe and it’s my hope this collection reminds them and any other girl who feels inspired to do so.

I created two colorways with the first inspired by 10 year old’s love of moodier purple colors. The second color is inspired by my 8 year old’s love of bright colors, especially pinks and blues. And as a nod to their differences being like Night and Day I named each colorway as such.

Glowing Night

Glittering Day

** I want to thank and credit the font creator Tom Anders for his free font used in the materials for Celestial Galaxies. You can find his work on the font at Behance.

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