Books I Am Currently Reading

Books I Am Currently Reading

The other night I doodled the books I was currently reading so I thought I’d share them with you. I always have 3-5 that I’m reading at a time and right now it’s 4. 3 of them non-fiction and an indulgent fiction. 

”Life is found in the seeking, for it is a holy and persistent unease that causes us to awaken and experience life.”

Martin Schleske is a luthier who relates the creation of violins and the music they make to our own lives, calling, and God’s love.

Absolutely one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read both in words and in the physical features of the book with beautiful photos, thick glossy paper, and a beautiful spine. It is taking forever to read it because I can’t even read a whole chapter at a time for the beauty of the words contained in only each section. I read and then I want to sit with what I read and reflect on it.

”If we avoid hard truths to preserve personal comfort or to fashion a facade of peace, our division will only widen.”

Latasha Morrison opens up transparently, calling for an honest conversation on race and reconciliation. She examines the historical in light of biblical principles to create a framework for restoration.

It is time for myself to learn how others view this world with a completely different perspective than my own. This book is the second I’ve read in searching for different perspectives in light of Black Lives Matter. And this book does not disappoint. (Nor did the first I read by Te Nehisi Coates). I’ve discovered new stories, gained understanding and she does it with honesty and compassion, knowing those reading may be from a different perspective than her own. She doesn’t glaze over the issues though nor does she soften them up. I’ve already cried for the feeling she infuses into it and I am only 1/4 of the way through it.


”I learned from experience that joy does not reside in the things about us, but in the very depths of the soul, that one can have it in the gloom of a dungeon as well as in the palace of a king.”

The autobiography of St Therese of Lisieux describes her perspective of living life in her ‘little way’ of love and trust. It is a way to grow in holiness through unfailing confidence and childlike delight in God’s merciful love.

I began reading this as a part of a summer book reading series with some other women. I didn’t finish in time but this is another that I am taking my time with. Even though she can veer down paths of stories, the substance is beautiful. Her perspective that we should sacrifice even the small things for others to reflect God’s love is real. I can relate to what her idea is in the daily life. We don’t need big event filled lives to make a difference for others. Instead when we open ourselves to giving, even in small ways, we make more of a difference than we may know.

”Eve wondered how much it was possible to change in two weeks. Or was it not change, but becoming what she already was?”

I am more of a non-fiction reader but typically have 1 fiction that I am reading at a time. I read The Huntress and like her writing, and the historical settings. Here, the story flips between a WWI spy network of women and 2 years after WWII. The characters are worth the read alone if not for the historical storytelling.