Back on Track Art Print

Back on Track Art Print

I am a big believer in the power of focus. What we keep our eyes on, is where we go. And after creating my focus series, I decided to offer a free art print to you! One that will help you remember focus and keep you energized and your eyes on where you need to go.

I created the Back on Track art print last fall in a time where I felt I needed to refocus on what was important to me. Because admittedly, I am constantly swerving off the path I want to be on. (Hello, distractions!). Even with all the tried and true ideas I lay out in my focus series, it is still possible to get off track. This piece I created for myself as a reminder to get get back on track when I find myself in a different place than I want to be.

You see I believe in the power of art on our walls to help us in our everyday. Art can bring joy, stir memories, energize us, and even remind us. This art print does that for me. So as I finished up the focus series I decided instead of selling this in my print shop, I wanted to give you something to really help you focus. And here it is, a full size, large resolution print that you can print, frame, and hang on your wall.

The thing is when I received a free art print from a fellow artist several years ago, I loved it but was unsure of what to do with it. I had no idea where to get it printed and it felt like an overwhelming task to do the research. So I am also including specific instructions on printing and framing this art print. Places I suggest and how to get it done. It’s all bundled up for you and ready to print in popular frame sizes.

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