August Desktop & Phone Wallpaper

August Desktop & Phone Wallpaper

August is here and I was floored by the fact my girls start up school again in less than 2 weeks!

I decided to offer a desktop and phone wallpaper this month as I’ve been in the midst of creating a new pattern collection. This is actually the third I’ve created and so far it’s my favorite. I created the wallpaper to give you a sneak peek into it and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen a couple more sneak peeks.

The pattern collection is inspired by my recent trip to the blue ridge mountains where I grew up where tiny little wildflowers of so many kinds fill up the roadside of where we were staying. I was already ruminating on how much growth I’ve been through in the past year and knew it was the small steps I made everyday based on the big plans I made. While in the mountains, it was also time for me to create my next 90 day plan and I’ve learned breaking down these 90 days into daily actionable tasks make for goals that I actually do reach.

All of this will pull together in a stationery collection I hope to add to my portfolio and provide as paper products. Until then, enjoy this wallpaper with the beginnings of the collection!

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