Framing Your Art

Time for truth . . . how many times did you purchase unframed art or a print, or even personal photos and they never found a place on your walls? I’m with you. It happens and funny little thing about me, I’m probably more guilty than most. So let’s do this, lets get those never before framed pieces (or if you need one I have a shop with some available ) and let’s get them framed and on our walls!

Framing Your Art

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

Your Artwork

Your artwork arrived in a clear bag and already attached to a mat. You are welcome to use the mat or choose a different mat when you go to frame it. I use an archival hinge tape to secure the art to the mat. It’s simple to remove by dabbing it with a little bit of water to release it.

It is signed on the front and comes with a certificate of authenticity. This demonstrates the work of art is the original and not a reproduction print.


No matter where you get the art framed, please consider using UV protective conservation glass or acrylic as this will prevent any color from fading and protect it from harmful elements. No glare always makes a work stand out beautifully as well. Finally, use archival quality mat board and backing that is acid free to ensure it all has an elongated life.


I highly suggest checking out your local frame shops. I love local and usually they have great designers who know how to beautifully frame a piece of art to make it look even better while also considering your style. As well, they’re knowledgeable and can guide you on mat size, double matting, and whether to choose glass or acrylic, conservation/uv protection, and whether you need any other protection for your art. They provide archival and custom work. They also often have unique choices for framing. And shopping local is always good for your area.
If you’d rather use someone online, I highly recommend Simply Framed. They have a large selection and do beautiful work but you will have to mail in the art piece to them but get started by going to their website.
You could pick up a ready made frame but for original works, I wouldn’t suggest this. For prints it works great at a cheap cost. Originals should be considered more of an investment and taken care of with conservation materials. That said, there are many times you may pay more for the framing than the actual piece. Consider it insurance and adding value to the art.

Custom vs Ready Made Frames

Ready made frames are by far the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to frame. But there is a downside. Most ready made frames will not protect the artwork. If you are looking for conservation and archival quality you’ll need to go with custom framing. If you’d like a floater frame (these are super popular right now) you’ll also have to look into custom framing. If your piece of art is an odd dimension (not the typical ready made frame size) you will need to do a custom frame or do a custom mat cut in the window to fit your art, and cut on the outside to fit the frame.


Matting the art will make it more substantial and fill more wall space. I highly recommend filling space. Choosing a larger sized mat will help you fill a space if the art is smaller as well. sized to fit ready made or stay with art size.  what size mat. double mat or single. color. materials.  conservation and archival. no mat. The original art in my studio shop all arrive carefully packaged with a 1 1/2″ archival quality mat secured with archival quality tape.