90 Day Planning

I did my 90 day planning this past weekend for the rest of this year. It’s so weird to say that! We are in the last quarter of this year!
I love creating my 90 day plans and I’ve learned they don’t need to be rigid so it makes creating them much more pleasant. I use my 90 day plan more as a guidepost to help me plan out each month which in turn helps me with each week. But this would all not work if I didn’t have a vision.
I went through years of a wilderness time that, after looking back at it, was a time of growth and a time to receive and develop that vision. And that is only a small part of what I got from that time. It also included getting to know myself better. I hated that time because through it, I felt lost, that I had no purpose and all I wanted was a purpose in my life. I felt useless and stuck.
I’d love to go further into all the lessons and things I gathered from this time because now I see it all as invaluable, but it fills up several journals full. But today I have a vision of where I am going and who I am. I am confident in those two things and because of that, I am confident in my plans now. And as I sit down 4 times a year to plan out the next 90 days it is enjoyable.
Enjoyable because I know it’ll take at least half a day and because I get to sit and wonder and dream and allow my heart to open up to possibilities. As things bubble up from my heart, I write them down. And I have a planner that I love to open up and write through.
These are my guideposts. I let God show me the steps to get to these posts. And he does because once I’m done dreaming, I get to work on smaller steps I can write into my plan for the 90 days to get closer to those dreams.
The first time I did this a year ago, I had no idea how to do this. I had a vision but was lost at how to get there. I was excited and wanted to get to the vision super fast. But that’s not how it works.
The journey is the best part. Appreciation of the work and steps and intricacies of how things come together are beautiful in themselves. I didn’t realize this then. I only knew I had a vision and I wanted to get there! (Remember my issues with speeding tickets?)
It was around that time where I was feeling frustrated with trying to hammer out 90 day goals but while praying I heard joyfully to Create! Create! Create!
I didn’t think that could be because that’s not productive. But it weighed on me so that’s what I wrote down for my 90 days. Nothing business related and nothing concrete to get me to my vision. Only to create 6 patterns, 4 finished pieces of art, and to sketch everyday. So I did.
Then the next 90 days came around and I felt like I should start sharing what I was creating. So I wrote that down in my plans. Create more patterns, more art, sketch everyday, share my art everyday, and build out my website so I can start sharing my art there too. So I did.
And it goes on like this. These were my guideposts. If I wrote down specifically what art to create it never worked for me. I had to keep my 90 days general. But as a result I created more, I finished projects and my vision started appearing as a reality. And this propels me forward with more momentum.
Today I have a piece of my vision and one of those projects to offer as postcards and notecards! I am so excited to offer these because I’ve worked on these patterns, gotten feedback, and reworked them for 6 months! And I am especially in love with the art print I’ll offer later!
Offering these prints is a part of my vision – one as a working artist and printmaker that offers art that encourages and is unique. And because I’ve created so much art that I don’t love, to have a full collection that I love is exciting!
Not only do I have these for sale in my print shop but I’ll be offering you a free desktop/ipad/phone wallpaper download in next week’s email! I’ll also share the inspiration and process behind this collection next week. So keep your eye out for it!
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