5 Free Resources to Focus

5 Free Resources to Focus

I have to admit, this week was absolutely not a good week of focus for me. But I knew it was coming (thank you yearly planning) and I didn’t sweat it. It’s ok that I got only 2 things done on my list this week. I feel like that’s a running verse in my head – It’s ok, it’s ok.

It just means I am ready to jump back in to my own work soon. I am ready for Monday. With that in mind, I thought I’d share some free resources I use to help me focus daily on my list – when I know I need to focus.

1) A time tracker – Use this first to figure out what your distractions are and when they typically happen. For example, my husband calls me everyday at about the same time just to check in and see how my day is going. I know that it’s not a good time to schedule a block of work for myself because it’s going to happen. The tracker reveals small things like this. You can read more about using it here. | And I have a free one in the print library!

2) A scratch piece of paper and pen or your phone – Anything to write down what’s in your head to get it out. Often I’m distracted by my own thoughts and if I write it down, it’s out and I can push it to the side to worry about later.

3) Do Not Disturb Features – On your phone, computer, tablet – use it. It works. There are also extensions in browsers that help you either block or warn you when you get into distraction territory, like Facebook. I like Freedom for this.

4) Tomato Timers – I love working in blocks on one thing at a time – the Pomodoro technique works for me. 

5) Forest App – Usually my phone is in another room when I need a distraction free zone. But then there are times that it’s right next to me, and often it’s tempting to pick it up and take a look at Pinterest or Instagram. This app prevents it in a way. When you want to be distraction free, the app plants a virtual tree, and if you use your phone, the tree dies. It’s cute and I feel bad if the tree dies. It’s free in the Google Play Store but is $2 on Apple.    

Maybe this week, I’ll get my entire list done . . .