2023 Planner and Goal Setting Printable Download

2023 Planner and Goal Setting Printable Download

Do you ever get a planner but wish it had something from a different planner, or you end up making tweaks to make it work for you? No? Just me?

A couple of years ago, I decided to make my own planner for myself. Over the years, I tweaked my planner, added goals, added other things, and made it useful for myself.

This year, I went back and realized there was not much to change. I also realized I had a massive planner that I loved and was keeping it all to myself.

So this year, I’m releaseing it for free to you. I’m excited to let this beast go and help out others. It’s minimal but all the parts are necessary.

Here are all the included parts:

Yearly planning goals
90 days goal planning
A 2023 Monthly calendar (I use this for content planning)
Monthly goal planning
Weekly planning (all the dates are in there)
A year long statistics look (in case you also need this for your biz)
A password log (yep, I’m still analog for some reason)

I’ll be sharing how I use the planner so stay in touch through social media or the best – my emails! I give a lot of love there.