Kathleen Scott

Illustraton Artist and Printmaker

I want to bring unique art to your walls that brings you joy and reminds you of your truth.

I am an illustrator, letterer, and printmaker that finds inspiration in my connection with other people. I create art work based on what I see in them, what they need, and out of love. I create art for your walls and stationery items you use everyday.

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Art prints to bring you joy, peace, or hope.

I am on a mission to bring joy, to remind you of your truth, or lift your spirits with beautiful work to inspire you daily.

Get To Know

I am an artist and illustrator that holds a special place in her heart for all creatives, art, coffee, and running. Yes, I actually like to run. I was on the state championship cross country team in high school and ran for Wake Forest University. I still run, though not competitively. I do it for the love. Just like I draw and create for the love of art and a message of hope and encouragement. And of course those things drive my love for coffee. Lots of coffee.